Boring Winter for the Ice and Snow Lovers

January 6, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Be Safe when venturing out on the ice!

   by Elmer Mudguaard                          What a beautiful winter we are having weather wise. Heating bills are down and we aren’t shoveling the driveway every other day. Great! But for guys and gals like me and Mar-e this winter has made us adjust. Last year we already had many big fish on the ice. This morning I went to Secret Bass Spot #1 and found only  1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of ice. I like to wait until there is at least 4 inches of ice before I will ice fish a pond. When the ice thickens to 6 inches or more, than you can  set up a base camp and have a group of people fishing in the same location.

Even where ice is safe, always use caution.

Ski Areas across New England are scrambling this year due to the lack of natural snow, or continuous cold air to make snow. Last week during the holidays we saw skiers on Cannon Mountain but the slopes were only partially coverd and bare spots were everywhere. Some ice fishing was being done by the locals up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, but even there the temps were above freezing on January 1st. I usually decline to fish a pond or lake that still has open water, so I did this weekend. It isn’t worth the risk!

Everyone has a blast and share in the catching!

Well I suppose I will take the dog and go wander the woods and trails. I can always travel north to pursue my other winter interests. Oh wait there’s a text message and the Bite Me Bait Co clam team is meeting today at the Powder Point Bridge @ 230 pm. Well that’s something to do and tasty too!! Cherrystones on the half shell tonight! Rush you may be up on the list! Enjoy the good weather and the lower fuel bills!

And at the end of a great day everyone goes home safe!