Where’s Winter? Who Cares!

December 16, 2011

The Great Outdoors

Ice on the bogs.

Winter remains locked up in James Bay, but will soon be headed this way.  This autumn has been one of the best in years to be outdoors.  Warm temps and sunny days more than made up for the sneak snow storm in October. It’s been tough gearing up for Christmas when I can still see flowers in the garden.

The last rose of Autumn!

Late autumn is a great time to get out in the woods and walk the trails. There is so much to see, and the benefits to your health can be measured in added years.

I still love to climb trees!

There are many Holly trees throughout the South Shore, and this year many are loaded with bright red berries. The local silk moths are stored away in their cocoons, hoping to fool the birds and creatures that would make a meal of them.

A young Holly Tree clings to it's spot in the forest.

To All: Have a great holiday season with family and friends. Be Safe and enjoy the great outdoors!

A Cecropia moth cocoon disguised as a leaf ball.