Winter Clamming Brings Unexpected View

January 16, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Water spout off Duxbury Beach - Jan. 15, 2011

It was finger-numbing cold with the temperature at 5 degrees and the wind 10-15 mph straight out of the north, when Mar-e dumped us onto the beach. “I have the camera duty today. So I have to stay in the truck to keep the cameras from freezing,”  she laughed.  As we headed across the ice to get to the semi-frozen mud and our cherrystones, the thoughts of going back to the truck never crossed our minds.

Mar-e, We who are about to freeze salute you!

It isn’t easy to find hardy souls to go clamming in the dead of winter, but our clam team will brave the weather any day to dig a bucket of the tasty bivalves. There are many species of birds that frequent Duxbury Beach in winter; the myriad of different sea duck and shore birds make each trip unique. Today’s spectacular was the water spouts and the sea-smoke funnels that formed offshore at the edge of an ocean-effect snow squall. Ken was the one to point out the sea smoke; so, cold as we were, we took the time to walk out to the front beach and we are sure glad we did!

Another look at it.

This is the prize we seek, but next time we need to think about an insulated bucket or cooler.

Frozen little necks!

I have to admit to being a little nuts to be in such places, but the rewards outweigh any minor discomforts. lol  The next time the winds are howling straight out of the north and the temps are near zero, make your way to the shore and witness this phenomenon from the warmth of the front seat.

Elmer enjoys a few of the delightful bivalves with the boss!

Clams are to share with friends and family. So is the great outdoors. It keeps you young and sharp. Get the jackets on the kids and load them into the car and see the wonders of our planet.