Brian White Celebrates Birthday with Jo Henley

December 2, 2013

Music & Entertainment

DSC_0001I’d taken some time away from writing reviews here in order to focus on some other stuff. However when Brian White asked me if I’d come down to the Banner to check out his favorite band, Jo Henley, I knew I’d have to be there.

DSC_0004I’m glad I went because not only was I there to help Brian celebrate his birthday, but I had the chance to see a very talented band. I was not familiar with Jo Henley prior to Sunday afternoon outside a quick reading up on them from their Facebook page. These guys have toured all over New England and the rest of the country. Their style can best be described as a fusion of folk, bluegrass, country and bluesy jazz.DSC_0025

The crowd gathered at The Banner was up for every song that they performed with pure energy and soul. All of their songs were originals save for a little “All Along the Watchtower” mixed in within a little jam session. Frontman Andy Campolieto’s inspired vocals for me led the way this afternoon. He has a way about him that makes you sit up and take notice of the stories he’s telling with his music and he’s got the smooth, powerful voice to be able to do so. Lead guitarist Ben Lee is as solid a guitarist as I’ve seen. He’s able to switch gears from the different genres the band performs with seamless perfection. His ability to have his Strat make the sound that compliments Andy’s vocals is what makes this band well worth seeing. Kent Stephens on bass is the rock that all great bands have. His steady playing along with Mike Dingley’s solid drum skills complete this band’s line-up. I can’t recommend enough that folks to check out these guys when they would have the chance. Jo Henley is Andy Campolieto (vocals, guitar), Ben Lee (guitar, vocals), Mike Dingley (drums).

To learn more about them, please visit their Facebook page or at Reverbnation