Full Circle at Hajjar’s in Weymouth

July 25, 2011

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Full Circle at Hajjar's in Weymouth 7-23-11

This past Saturday night, I was at Hajjar’s in Weymouth to check out Full Circle. I wasn’t aware of this before, but they took this gig on a bit of a last minute basis. Because of that they were short a few guys and we had “Full Circle light” with former bassist Kurt Woelfle filling in for Matt Spencer and Johnny “One-Note” Cesarini handling the guitar duties on his own with the absence of Billy Mahoney. You’d never know that this was a different version of sorts because they sounded just as great as they normally do.

The night started out well with a couple of lovely ladies in the house doing a promotion for Wild Turkey American Honey whiskey giving out half-shots of it until 9:00 or so. My girlfriend and I enjoyed it very much and I encourage anyone to look for that stuff. After the shameless plug, we go back to the gig. The crowd at Hajjar’s is usually a bit of a late arriving crowd, but once they started filtering in, it was a packed house. They all enjoyed the bands renditions of favorites from Lynyrd Skynyrd to J Geils and a few country songs thrown in there to provide a fresh mix. To me a few of the highlights were Johnny singing “Midnight Blues” and the band’s cover of Uncle Cracker’s “Good to be Me”. Bob Peddel was his usual lively self as the front man, making sure that everyone in the house was involved with the music. Give Bob a wireless mic and you never know where he’ll end up putting smiles on people’s faces, including myself singing a chorus on “House Party” with him. Steve Canney, the cornerstone drummer was his steady self, making sure the night flowed along without a hitch. Full Circle has a full slate of shows coming up. If you are able to check them out, do so. They are a fun band to see and interact with. For infomation on Full Circle and their upcoming dates, please go to http://www.facebook.com/fullcircle4

"Big Bad" Bob Peddel belting out a song


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