Player’s Sports Bar Puts The ROCK in Rockland!

March 29, 2012

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Full Circle Kickin' Out The Jams, On-Stage at Player's!

Local Entertainment Feature by Pale Rider

With a stage, lights and sound-system that rival anything on Lansdowne Street, Rockland’s Player’s Sports Bar is THE nearby place to experience the energy of a big-time rock show. If you haven’t been to Player’s lately, you haven’t seen what is hands-down the best live-music venue, not just here in ‘Vegas, but anywhere on the South Shore.

Owner Bob McLaughlin is dedicated to having a Boston-like showcase stage, along with a high-level of talent to-match. Recent gigs by legendary Beatles tribute-band Beatlejuice, and the even more legendary blues harmonica-master James Montgomery, are prime examples of the class of entertainment Player’s puts on. Seriously, where else in Rockland are you gonna see a guy who’s blown the blues-harp with B.B. and jammed with Jagger?

No local club is better-designed for the enjoyment of live music. For one thing, Player’s has the space. In addition to the large main restaurant/sports-bar area, there’s an adjacent 2000 square foot function room that’s closed-off by a movable wall when not in use. In 2010, McLaughlin decided to convert that area in to what he described as a “Lansdowne Street music venue,” and over the next year built a two-tiered stage and equipped the room with a $50,000 JBL sound rig. “It’s powerful enough to be heard on the real Lansdowne Street,” McLaughlin jokes.

McLaughlin says, ” I want people around here to be able to have a place locally they can go to see a great show instead of having to drive all the way in to Boston. I want ‘em to spend their hard-earned money right down here!” So every Friday and Saturday night around 9:15, the bouncers push open the wall, the house-lights go down, and a great band takes the stage. It’s a cheap date compared to Boston, too. Depending on who’s playing, the cover-charge can range from free to rarely more than five bucks.

Doubleshot Knows How to Rock'em in Rockland!

Upcoming shows include performances by blues-rocker and Aerosmith sideman David Hull, Fat City Band, Hot Mess, and Grateful Dead tribute band, Fennario (I know how much you’re missing Jerry- we all are). Along with those notable artists, Player’s presents a steady diet of your favorite South Shore rockers like the electrifying Doubleshot, Phase 4, Chain Drive, Gunpowder and Lead, Full Circle, Blind Ambition and Rock Star Posers.

Perhaps you like dancing to a hot DJ or gettin’ your Karaoke on? Oh yes, Player’s has that too! And if all that weren’t enough, the club now has a weekly open-mike blues jam, hosted by guitarist Michele Rockwell and her Splash of Blues Band, running every Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 7:00. It gives weekend blues warriors the chance to show-off their chops up on Player’s big stage.

While you rock-out to a killa live band, you can eat, down a cold brew, and (most importantly) keep track of your ‘Sox, Broonz, and Celts on one of Players’  numerous big screens.

Friday night March 30th at Player’s it’s Fat City BandSaturday the 31st you can groove to Scooby SnaxClick here for the current calendar of entertainment

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Pale Rider says, “Put down the damn clicker, get your arse off the couch and go see a freakin’ BAND! SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!”

The Player’s 411:

Lunch, dinner and late-night menu with full bar.

86 VFW Drive Rockland MA. 02370
Phone: 781-681-9999
Hours: Mon – Sat: 11:30 am – 1:00 am
Sun: 12:00 pm – 1:00 am


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