Roctopus Debut at Gametime

June 10, 2012

Music & Entertainment

Ever since the end of Prank Monkey last fall, Paul Sarno has been busy with his acoustic project  BonJody. However a few months ago, word began to get out about a new project he was heading up; Roctopus. This new band had their debut gig this past Saturday at Gametime. Even though a few local establishments decided to forgo a band due to the Celtics-Heat playoff game, Steve from Gametime knew that his draw that night wouldn’t be a playoff game, but fans eager to see what this new band had to offer.

In the interest of knowing where I stand with this particular band, I’ll just say up front I’m very good friends with Paul Sarno and I’ve also worked with him and the band on promoting them including building their website. That said, I can honestly say that they nailed it this past Saturday. There were a few songs that came off a bit shaky, but that’s to be expected with opening night jitters. Those jitters were in my opinion present only during the first set. After they got warmed up, it was all ahead full steam and the crowd was loving it.

Roctopus followed a familiar theme of starting off a bit slow, throwing in some more up-tempo songs, and finishing with an in-your-face exclamation. Songs such as “Soul to Squeeze” by the Red hot Chili Peppers and “Day Tripper” by The Beatles to start with. After that, they moved on to songs with a bit more bite to them like “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon and “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction. The third set had more of the second set, but segueing into the heavy stuff such as their final song “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine.

Along side Paul in the new band is some pretty good talent. Chris Wilcox on bass has been around for a while and has been biding his time to find the right fit and it sure seems like he’s found it. His bass playing is clean and steady, almost playing the John Entwistle role in the band. Gabe Luxton is nicknamed “The Woodchipper” by Paul and we saw why as his ferocious drumming style took its toll on a few drum sticks over the course of the night. Scott Hayes is about as talented a guitarist as I’ve seen in my travels these past few years. Anyone who can nail Eddie van Helen’s “Eruption” like he does is pretty darned good.

Even though the folks at Gametime were disappointed by the the result of a certain basketball game in Miami that evening, that feeling did not carry over to the live entertainment. Roctopus had a great debut and I’m sure there are great things to come from this quartet. Roctopus is Paul Sarno on vocals and acoustic guitar, Scott Hayes on lead guitar, Chris Wilcox on bass and Gabe Luxton on drums. Their next gig is June 30th at Homeplate in Taunton. For more information, please check them out on their website here or on Facebook here.