Run for Cover invades Hajjar’s

October 3, 2011

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Run for Cover doing "Funk #49"

This past Saturday was Hajjar’s in Weymouth to see a band that has been slowly but surely making a mark in the area band scene; Run for Cover. This band consists of Chuck Whiffin and Dusty Duffin on guitars and lead vocals, and Kurt Woelfle on bass. Chuck also play harmonica and Duffy also uses a vox voice synthesizer. They recently lost their drummer Brian Durante due to a change in his work stiuation, so on this night they were trying out two new drummers who split the sets between them. Charlie Sullivan took to the drum kit for the first and third sets and Steve DiGloria handled the second and fourth sets. Both did a fine job.

Chuck Whiffin



Duffy Dustin

Their set list consists of  well known classic southern rock such as “Rocky Mountain Way”, “Gimmie Back my Bullets”, and “Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers”. They also do different takes on songs such as “Oh Well” and “Bad Company”. They are a great, fun band to see that interacts well with the crowd and makes you wanna just get up and dance the night away. The usually animated and interesting crowd at Hajjar’s picked up on this right away as there were not too many instances when there wasn’t someone up on the dance floor especially when they did an old cover band standard “Mustang Sally”. Another fun song they do is “Funk 49″. When it comes time for the drum solo in the middle they all grab a drum stick and go nuts, just having a good ol’ time. It’s clear that these guys have a blast playing together and it shows in thier music.

Kurt Woelfle

As of now, they don’t have anymore gigs booked until they get the drummer situation worked out. For more information on the band, please visit their Facebook page at!/pages/Run-For-Cover/172712579434108

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