Thank you, Prank Monkey

October 31, 2011

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Halloween Monkey Madness

Whenever I look at my calendar and see that I’m going to check out a Prank Monkey gig, I always know that I’m gonna be in for a fun night. Of all the bands that I’ve been fortunate to follow and become friends with, Prank Monkey has been my favorite. This is absolutely no slight against other bands, it’s just that I’ve always had a feeling of family with these guys and the friends I’ve made thru them. I met my girlfriend, Kathy, at a Prank Monkey gig. My brother played bass with them for a while, so it was natural that I favored them. Even when he left the band, the family feeling was still there. This is the band that started me on the photo – video thing that I do now. So when I received a text message from Paul Sarno this past Friday morning, letting me know that the gig at Rock Vegas was to be their last, I was shocked and heartbroken. I’m guessing that some of you reading this are learning of this for the first time.

Paul "Tinkerbell" Sarno

With this knowledge, I had a good feeling that this would be one hell of a show and that the guys would pull out all the stops. I was not disappointed. The Halloween theme made for an even more fun atmosphere. The costumes were great. One of the female “Monkey Junkies” even dressed as Paul Sarno. Paul Farrar and Dana Leonard were the awesome guitar duo and were perfectly complemented on bass by Jamie English. Jason Wallock, currently of the band “Junkyard Standard” sat in on drums after the recent departure of Pete Flinn.

Zeul and Hog jamming

It was a very solid performance by the band, but the main thing in my mind from the night was the atmosphere. It was their first ( and last ) time at the new Rock Vegas. The former O’Hurley’s had a nice makeover with a new floor. The name of the place may be a bit on the corny side, but it still feels like a fun place to see a band. They played many of their favorites and even let yours truly do some “singing” on Nirvana’s “Breed”. The night came to an emotional end with crowd favorite,  Alice in Chain’s “Man in the Box”. By now, word had begun to filter around the crowd that this was it. Paul Sarno made remarks to the crowd over the course of the night alluding to this, thanking them for their support over the last 3 years.

Farce laying down some heavy bass

On behalf of all the “Monkey Junkies” out there, I’d like to thank them again. Thank you Paul Sarno, Dana Leonard, Paul Farrar, Jamie English, Pete Flinn and Paul Donovan for loads of fun and helping to create friendships that will no doubt last a long time.
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