The Alumni at The Next Page Cafe

April 1, 2012

Music & Entertainment


Hello, folks. It’s been a while since I’ve written something promoting a local band. I took some time off to recharge the batteries and focus on learning some new stuff to help my buddies in the local band scene. I’m back now, and I’m starting a 6-week stretch of covering 6 different bands.

This past Saturday, I found myself at a venue I’ve never been to, covering a band I’ve never seen, so I was a bit out of my comfort zone. I had the pleasure of checking out The Alumni at The Next Page Cafe at Central Square in Weymouth.  From speaking with a few of the regulars there, they normally have a pretty good crowd on a Saturday night; and the one I saw certainly was. They were quite lively at  times and seemed to really enjoy the music of The Alumni.

It was recommended to me by my friends from Phase Four to see these guys and they were dead on. The guys are a very good, tight band that had no problem getting the crowd up and dancing.

The band is Ben Sorenson on lead vocals/guitar; Ernie Santora on guitar; Tom Rankin on bass; and Kenny Isaacs on drums. They play a good mix of classic rock. From the video highlighted above, “Forever Man” by Eric Clapton to selections by U2, Radiohead and Stone Temple Pilots. They also did a few songs I hadn’t heard other bands cover like “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits and “The Breakup Song” by The Greg Khin Band. All these guys are experienced; and the way they just flowed from one song to the next without missing a beat showed it. Once again, if you’re planning a night out and perhaps haven’t seen these guys before, they are definitely worth going to see. I’m sure they’ll have you up on the dance floor just as quickly as the folks at The Next Page were this past Saturday.

They play next at Cliffhanger’s on Rt 3A in North Weymouth this Friday, April 6. They return to Rockland’s best venue for live music, Player’s, on Friday, June 1. For more info on when the band is playing next, please check out They are also on Facebook at!/pages/The-Alumni/199910583375915.