Tomato Jonez Goodbye Party

November 25, 2012

Music & Entertainment

I had the pleasure of being at Hajjar’s in Weymouth this past Saturday to see Tomato Jonez for the final time. These guys have been a fixture on the band scene; rocking’ the South Shore since 2008. The gig on this night wasn’t so much a normal night out to listen to some great music as it was a party for the band and their fans to celebrate 4 years of good times. A few of the fans included members of other bands like Pat and Donna Cambrio of Reverse Curve and Glenn Lauzon and Paul Carrol of Severance.

Even though these guys have been part of the Rockland-area band scene for 4 years, I wasn’t as familiar with them as I should have been, so I did a little research on them. Doing this I dug up an old article from this website talking about their first gig at the old Liberty Tavern. What was written then still rings true stemming from last night. From the article dated May 12, 2008 by Brian White…The three members of Tomato Jonez bring with them three decades of musical accomplishments that stretch from Nashville to Boston and back again. Ron Caggiano, Sir Richmond Holbrook and lead man Tim Ruel with their nearly 90 years of rock and roll experience lit up the old Liberty with some of Rock and Roll’s deepest cuts. These guys have a song list that starts out strong and continues to build and strengthen on a roller coaster ride of timeless standards and obscure forgotten classics.” Just plug in bass player Mark Shom in place of former bass player Holbrook and you get the same result; three guys that have as much depth and talent as anyone in or out of the South Shore band scene.

While the Rockland band scene is as strong as it’s ever been these days, it’s going to be tough to fill the gap left by the departure of Tomato Jonez. They say that it isn’t a goodbye; just a ‘we’ll see ya down the road soon’ kind of departure. Let’s all hope that the return will be sooner than later because fans and bar venues alike are much better off when a band as talented as Tomato Jonez is part of the mix. Tomato Jonez has been Tim Ruel on guitar, Ron Caggiano on drums and Mark Shom on bass. To learn more about these guys, please visit their website here.