Tomato Jonez Thrills Them at Game Time

May 13, 2011

Music & Entertainment

Mark Shom

The Hardest-Working Rocker on the South Shore

Another star-studded performance by the South Shore’s most trusted and talented trio, the Tomato Jonez Band.   Alex Jonez had her three amigos tuned, toned and ready for yet another in a long line of stellar rock shows.  Shom, Reul and Cagianno were brilliant as usual,  dispensing high doses of good time rock and roll for the Jonez faithful.

Ron Jonez

With life long Rockland Rocker, Ron Jonez, on drums,  Tomato Jonez performs some of the greatest rock songs ever written. Ron slips over to the dark side with a touch of disco/rock that brings the crowd to the dance floor faster the grand opening of a free,  all-you-can-eat buffet at the senior center. Ron hammers the skins even better today than he did in his youth. Repetition is the mother of skill,  and that has never been truer than with Ron Caggiano.

Lead man, Tim Reul,  does it all -  sings,  plays a world-class guitar,  and entertains the dozens of Jonez’ fans with his crisp, clean style and hilarious ad-libs.  Tim Jonez is among the best singer,  songwriter,  guitar players in the business.Tim and Alex Jonez

Tim Reul is one of the driving forces behind the big professional sound that is Tomato Jonez. From Joe Perry to Steve Perry, Tim’s awesome range and versatile styles make for a professional,  first-rate rock show.

One can’t mention Tomato Jonez without noting the hard work and dedication of band photographer, organizer and fan club president, Alex Jonez Eaton. Alex leads the way to the dance floor at every gig and makes every fan feel as though they are part of the band. Tim Rules!

The driving propulsion and amped-up enthusiasm for the Tomato Jonez band  comes from thirty-year bass player,  Mark Shom. Shom combines sheer talent, high energy and stage charisma to present a pure, polished rock  sound and look that rivals any bass player in the business.  Shom is one of the hardest-working rockers in Rockland,  running his own DJ/Karaoke business during the week while dancing with the star Jonezes every weekend.

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