Needham shuts out Rockland Post 147

September 20, 2011


Rockland Legion Post 147 vs. Needham
Needham and Rockland played on a crisp
Sunday morning at Magoun Field in Pembroke.
The Needham team is an old school team which
insists on using wooden bats, so this created a
challenge for the Rockland team. Adjusting from
the super light aluminum bats of today to the heavier
feel of the wood proved to be a small problem for
the Post 147. Slow swings and sweeping swings
caused the players to struggle most of the day.
Terms like “Choke-up” are not heard much in the
world of aluminum, but it was a valuable lesson to
learn this day. Rockland pitching continues to be
solid with, Tom Clarkson pitching three shutout
innings and allowing two runs in the fourth, Brian
Cohen pitching three innings allowing two runs, and
Andrew Elliott pitching two shutout innings. Post 147
offense only managed three hits, Jake Harkins for
one hit and Joe Pretorious for two hits. Needham
played good defense and used four tough pitchers,
all on the higher end of the age limit (17), but that is
what Rockland needs to learn to face in this league.
No Excuses ! Rockland Post 147 lost to Needham
by a score of 4 to O.