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Dan Heary Reports, Bob Seger, Rocklandnews Never Forgets

November 1, 2015



   Well, who is 68, has silver hair and beard, wears glasses, had 10,001 folks sing all 20 songs, sports a small Budweiser belly tumor, had 14 top 20 hits, and forced Frankie Valli to “lip-sync” 20 years ago ?.        Why of course it is Robert Clark Seger of Lincoln Park, Mi. [10 miles South of Detroit].  […]

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Huey Lewis and The Rockland “News”

September 2, 2013

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Huey Lewis and The Rockland “News”       Well, what do The Clash, Donavon, Issac Hayes [Shaft], Sex Pistols, Run D.M.C., and Grandmaster Flash all have in common ?.  They are ALL in the Rock and Roll Fall of Fame, in Cleveland.  Now, who has 20 + top ten hits, 47 albums to their credit, and perform […]

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Fleetwood Mac Review, by Dan Heary and Brian White

June 25, 2013

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Mick Fleetwood

 Well over-all, Fleetwood Mac didn’t disappoint in Mansfield, Ma. on Saturday.  As usual, the Comcast Center was over-priced in every way with the one exception being  the free RV parking. We rolled into Mansfield with ten fans aboard and opened the slide-out in the vast grass covered RV lot at the Comcast Center. Only three […]

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