Eugene Kelly Retires from South Shore Vocational High School after 25 years.

July 12, 2011

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Return of the missing sword!

Gene Kelly retired, effective June 30 of this year, after 25 years at South Shore Vocational High School in Hanover. Gene was Vocational Director at his retirement and also served as vice-principal in charge of discipline for years, along with various other duties as he moved up the administrative ladder.

A graduate of Mass Maritime Academy, Geno also has a long record with the sea.  He worked in the maritime trade for many years, traveling the world over in vessels of all sizes and duties.   He is one of only three survivors of the sinking of the Marine Electric in 1983 and his story has been told in various media; and he was featured on a History Channel story “Detectives of the Deep”.

"Debbie found this and it means a lot to me."

“I really love the sea and I certainly respect it; but I plan to spend as much time as I can, traveling by boat with Debbie, my wife, to ports along the east coast. Fishing is another great love of mine and I spend as much time as I can at it,” said Geno. “My friends at the Bite Me Bait Co, our fishing blog, call me Captain G-No because if you ask me for the sweet spots, I just say Gee No! Just look for “The Irish Ayes”  – but look fast ’cause we are gone.

This is where you will find us!

Gene is well known in many circles, from academics and school system science to boating and fishing, where many people come to him for advice about the business of catching fish.  The kids of the school sure have heard of him because if you made it to his office, you may just never have made it out again. “Yeah, the kids all try the same stuff; they never understand that after so many years experience, they can’t get away with anything.”  His coworkers had nothing but praise for Gene at the retirement dinner they held in his honor.  He will be sorely missed, as his sense of humor took second place to no one’s and  was a common theme amongst his colleagues.

What about school? Yeah, big school! Tuna Everywhere!

“If everything goes as planned, I am going to enjoy this retirement stuff. I’ll be in my new office just somewhere east of shore. I started my adult life on the ocean and I haven’t lost any of the happiness I get from being on the water,” says Geno. ” One month into this, and it gets better each day. Thanks everyone for the good wishes; and you can follow my fishing escapades on .”

“Hey, Elmer! Grab Billy Bob and Rock Bottom and meet me at 4am. Breakfast at Anita Marie’s and then to the fishing grounds.  School’s out forever!!!!!!”

Elmer Mudguaard