Pills, Guns and Money Siezed in RPD raid on North Ave Drug Den

March 8, 2011

Top News

Rockland Police Department raided a North Avenue apartment at 3.30 pm yesterday seizing illegal drugs, guns, ammo and over 20 grand in cash. The Rockland couple had an 18 month old infant living in the apartment also. Police charged Amy L Hersey and Paul Matos with a wide range of felony drug and weapons charges. The couple evidently sold large amounts of illegal pharmaceutical drugs out of the apartment. The apartment was directly across from a day care and the Holy Family School.

The arrest is said to be a part of large scale crack down of illegal drug sales in Rockland as promised by Chief Llewellyn. Pharmaceutical drug addiction is rampant in Rockland. Desperate drug addicts are committing all kinds of crimes around Rockland to get money to buy these drugs.

Rockland Police Department is making huge strides in the drug war with investigations leading to arrests like this one. Drug dealers beware, Law and Order is coming your way!

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