Rockland’s Best Coffee Shop

May 31, 2011

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The Liquid Sunshine Coffee Shop has been a making a quiet but big splash in the Rockvegas coffee world.

Despite a year of high hurdles, massive construction at their doorstep,  record snowfall, the worst economy in decades and a whole slew of national coffee competition, Liquid Sunshine is catching its stride. Not only do they grind and brew fresh coffee and offer a hundred different flavors, they now have a full line of food items.

Liquid Sunshine is also a full service ice cream parlor and sandwich shop. The decor is pure Americana, boasting a beautiful big blue aquarium with exotic fish.

Liquid Sunshine Coffee and Ice Cream Parlor is local treasure. Please find a moment this week to stop in and patronize this excellent neighbor. Please consider Liquid Sunshine for sports teams, birthdays and special treats and occasions of all kinds.

Liquid Sunshine  -  Making Rockland A Sweet Place to Live

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