Scotty, we hardly knew ye’

October 31, 2012

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Scott Brown is currently shown to be trailing in multiple polls. This was his race to lose, and it looks like that is exactly what he is doing.  Although a sitting U.S. Senator, he demonstrates that he and the people around him running his campaign are amateurs. Coming from relative national obscurity, two years ago, out of the Massachusetts State Senate, he has demonstrated the lack of political savvy that it takes to maintain a seat that he won due to very special circumstances.

His debate performances, (IMHO) were embarrassing. Forgetting that he is playing to an overwhelming number of cheap seats here in Massachusetts, he hasn’t understood that just having the truth on your side is not enough when an overwhelming number of voters in this state, sadly, have no idea what the truth is. That being so, the predominately brain dead voters of the Bay State will generally lean towards the candidate that tells them what they want to hear and appeals to them on an emotional level. The cigar-store phoney Indian that he is running against, knows how to do this very well. Brown’s challenge, therefore, was to point out how many of the claims of his opponent are factually incorrect, which as a JAG lawyer for so  many years, should have been a piece of cake. But unfortunately, when you face off against an opponent for whom truth is “relative”, and you are a lousy debater — Guess what: you lose.

Brown’s strategy has unfortunately dictated that he would campaign “right up the middle” of everything, believing, naively, that because he is running for the Senate as a repub in a state that votes dem most of the time, that he has to take positions to win over democrats, but that consequently alienate repubs and right of center independents. He hasn’t learned from copious evidence of past campaigns that you can’t be “all things to all people”, though he is trying his damnedest to do just that. Although most repubs and right of center independents will likely still vote for him, they will be doing so with far less enthusiasm than the last time out. The enthusiasm for Scott Brown on the part of these people, who were expecting something different from the traditional old cookie-cutter Mass. pol, is slowly waning, like the air out of a leaking balloon.

I can hear the die-hard Brown supporters now: “But he has to campaign this way, because Massachusetts is such a blue state!”.

To which I concisely respond: “Rubbish”……

I forget who the politician was that said it — maybe Barry Goldwater, but the quote was something like: “When you give the people a choice between a democrat and a democrat, they’ll chose the democrat every time!”.  (Meaning of course, the democrat with the “D” next to their name). Scott Brown has reminded all of us ad nauseam how he has made it a key point of his service the last two years to be constantly “reaching across the aisle” and voting 50% of the time with the very people that are taking us over the fiscal cliff into eventual oblivion, and touting it as though it is some badge of honor. He believes that if he comes across as too conservative, he will lose. Someone in the Brown campaign should have reminded him that a candidate with some of the most genuine conservative principles and policies, coupled with the ability to articulate them, i.e. Ronald Reagan, won the vote in very liberal Massachusetts, when running against a very liberal, wishy-washy candidate…..TWICE!