The 2010 Annual Awards!

March 8, 2011

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Al Barr

Al Barr - Man of the Year 2010’s Man of the Year Award goes to…Al Barr. Al Barr is a tireless volunteer who helped raise and donate over 10,000 dollars with the Rockland Lion’s Club. Barr donates hundreds of hours of his time and talents to the town in many ways both in the open and behind the scenes. From the buffet at Midwinter in January to the Holiday Stroll and the Santa Breakfast in December, Barr has led by example and carried the torch for Rockland Lions and the Rockland people.

Debbie O'Brien

Debbie O'Brien - Woman of the Year 2010’s Woman of the Year 2010 is Debbie O’Brien. From the new school to the sidewalks, bike racks, benches and bus service Debbie O’Brien has stepped up for Rockland. Debbie is out there working for Rockland with absolutely no compensation making Rockland a better town. Debbie has personified courage and dedication by continuing to serve at a very high level in the face of the tragic loss of our beloved Obie. Debbie has continued to support the Lions the Eagles and all the townspeople throughout 2010.

Steve Somers

Steve Somers - Public Servant of the Year 2010 Public Servant of the Year, Steve Somers and his Rockland K9 Foundation. Somers is the consummate public servant. Somers provides Rockland with the best k9 program in the state and it doesn’t cost us a penny. Whether he is chasing dangerous thugs through the muddy swamps of west Rockland or shaking hands with senators at the Eagles Hall Somers does what it takes to get the job done. Tracking criminals while chasing money takes a special skill set and a love for the job.

Andy Houldcroft

Andy Houldcroft - Entertainer of the Year 2010’s Entertainer of the Year Andy Mojo Houldcroft. Rockland High School drama star and Satuit Band sax player Andy Houldcroft has emerged as a horn playing, singing, dancing and acting high school star. From playing John Phillips Sousa on the summer bandstands to a winter nights stunning Godspell lead performance, Andy Houldcroft has stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight brilliantly. Houldcrofts vocals saxophone and stage presence makes him’s Entertainer of the year.

Houldcroft, front and center.

Rockland Walgreens

Rockland Walgreens - Business of the Year 2010 Business of the Year Rockland Walgreens. Store Manager Ms. Pinta and the crew at Rockland Walgreens have been outstanding corporate neighbors in 2010. Walgreens have teamed with the Rockland Lions providing space for the annual Plant Sale and Christmas Tree Sale. Rockland Walgreen’s has stepped up and donated thousands in the way of on site photography for the Rockland Friends at the Holiday Stroll pictures with Santa, The Rockland Lions Easter Brunch and The Rockland Lions Breakfast with Santa. Walgreens steps up and each and every time they are called upon and continue to give back to the Rockland people.

Pam Murphy

Pam Murphy - Lifetime Achievement Award 2010

This year we decided to add a new category, The lifetime achievement award. This award goes out that special citizen who has year in and year out serves the town at the highest level. A person whose name personifies the good character of Rockland and its people. A person who constantly gives back long hours, cuts through tons of red tape and motivates others to serve along side them above and beyond the normal call of duty.

This year’s lifetime achievement award goes out to Rockland Friend and friend of Rockland, the amazing Pam Murphy. From the Board of Selectman to the Bartek fundraiser to the annual Holiday stroll. From the funeral parlors to the Eagles patio Pam Murphy has been there for the Rockland people every time she is called upon.


Bob Magner

Bob Magner - Honorable Mention 2010

Honorable mention

Bob Magner of Bob’s One Stop Market! A great Rockland Friend in 2010 would like to thank all of this years winners for their great service to the town of Rockland. These and so many others have come out to serve the people of Rockland. It is these and many other great citizens who make Rockland a great place to live.

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