CLASSIC ROCK TRIFECTA @ FOXWOODS Dan Heary (back in the front row)

July 3, 2014


10487596_772737722746745_3544451577701131834_n      Don Felder is a fantastic slide and string guitar player most know from the Eagles.  I believe his nickname from Glenn Frey was “Mr. Fingers”.  He now preforms with a mix of former greats as he left the Eagles in 97′ [est]. [pic felder]
     Felder co-wrote “Hotel California”, a song about a place that does not exist, for only in your minds as you are let down by what is real, and not what you dreamed…[so true].  His guitar works and co-writing continued until law suits set it among Frey, Henley and DF.
     Felder and company preformed well with Eagle tunes and some solo quality tuneage [new word] in the sold out Grand Theater.
     Founder Lou Gramm has been gone for 13 years from Foreigner for various illnesses but Kelly Hansen [05'] actually sounds better for Gramm was always ailing.  Britain’s Mick Jones [great guitar player] helped form the band in 76′ with Gramm and it was named Foreigner because of Brit and American members.kelly hanson
     Hansen and company, including Jones played all the classics but “I Wanna Know What Love Is” had 5,000 back-up vocals for their encore.  When I think 80′s rock, my mind sets to AC-DC, Journey, Foreigner, and INXS.  Gramm and Jones have sold over 80 million albums [cd's] world wide…nuff said.  [pic of Hansen]
    10302039_772737652746752_3906655536535221703_nThe completion of the evening was STYX.  A group formed in the mid 60′s by Dennis De Young, Chuck and Twin brother John in Chi town.  A few years down the road [70' ish] it was Tommy Shaw, James Young, and Chuck Panozzo adding to the quintet.
    Their 7th album was released on 7/7/77…I always remember this and it was their true launching pad.  It was The Grand Illusion with “Come sail Away” and of course the title tune.  The other Great songs were written by keyboardist DeYoung [Babe, Come Sail Away, and Lady] but the band broke up in the mid 80′s and when reunited DeYoung was elsewhere as Larry McGowan [Canadian and great] took over the “pearly whites”. [pic of Shaw]
    10330287_772737876080063_1595264548453468405_nSTYX is one of many from the Chicago area that keep all forms of music “flowing”.  One has REO Speedwagon, Earth Wind and Fire, Buddy Guy, Smashing Pumpkins, Bo Diddley, Chicago, Disturbed, Pearl Jam, to mention a few….
    It was a great three hours of the “yester year” as the folks were singing away and not one band member said “here is a song from our new album”.
Dan: from the front row
A “Speedwagon” was a large engine in the early 1900′s
built by Ransom Elias Olds [Oldsmobile] that was used for
fire trucks and farm vehicles.