A “DEF” Must See

November 11, 2015


 A “DEF” Must See
   3  Christopher Sarantakos [Criss Angel] began more than 40 years ago entertaining fellow friends, family, and others in the world of magic – his world.  Over his 47 years “CA” has been adamant that, like Penn and Teller, there are NO “psychics” or “mind readers”.  BUT “illusions” that can be performed and entertaining, along with challenges that are bordering great possible harm.4
      Over the past two decades Angel and his fine team have brought their “A” game to TV, film, and millions of fans at various venues worldwide.  This writer witnessed the escape of the “ORIENTAL TOTURE RACK’ by “America’s Got Talent” finalist Landon Swank [only previously done by Angel] from eight feet away and cameras in hands at Foxwoods this past Tuesday as a ‘tease” [worked] for the people.  Swank was supported by his neck, and arms as he picked five locks to freedom.
    2   Angel, a Long Island native has truly surpassed Houdini, Blackstone, Copperfield, Blaine and even “CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT’.  40 years of evolution and a great team bring excellence to every show, no matter what platform.  One can see these fine “illusionists” at Foxwoods on 11/11-11/15 [call]…on deck, Mary Jane Blige [MJB]
Dan from the “Pequot”
Angel’s “drive” was Houdini