Above and Beyond the Call

February 21, 2012


Rockland Police recognize their own for going “Above and Beyond” the call of duty. Number one on that list, Detective James Casper,  has been working hard to rid Rockland of the pill-pushing dope dealers that are crippling our young people. In a “short”  time, he has rid the streets of 15 dealers along with their drugs, guns and money. “Thank you, Detective!” exclaimed the Chief.  We have had quite a successful program ridding the town of a lot of pill dealers.  All that is due to Detective Casper.”

Next, two police officers were commended for quick action in saving a man’s life who had gone into cardiac arrest on the golf course.  Officer Jack O’Connor and Sgt. Tom MacDonald’s response and use of the portable defibrillator in each police vehicle made the difference on this call.  The man’s  heartbeat was restored and beats still. “Thanks for saving a life, gentlemen!”

The "Boys in Blue"