Alice is back in Business!

November 17, 2011

Uncategorized has just been informed that Alice’s Restaurant is cleared for take off this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. The 38th Annual event has been pulled from the ash heap and will take place at the Rockland Eagles beginning at 8 AM.

The last thing we heard was that the greatest of Rockland Thanksgiving traditions was cancelled. Mike “Mauler” Gilpin had said that the old eatery would not open this year due to circumstances beyond his control. Word spread like wildfire through the old Bigelow Mansion, creating a groundswell of support from the Eagle brotherhood.  As we all know, Birds of a Feather stick together and that is exactly what happened.  Mike McManus, along with many Eagle brothers, encouraged Mauler to push through the red tape and “get ‘er done”.

Today, the hard work, the persistence, and the consistency have paid off. It’s official. The 38th Annual Alice’s Restaurant is on!


Mike and John

See you at The Bird!