Alice’s Restaurant Opening in Doubt.

October 30, 2011


Word on the street is that the 40th annual grand opening of Mauler’s Alice’s Restaurant will not take place at the Rockland Eagles this year. The nearly half-century old event smashed outdoor turkey cooking records one after another in recent years at the Old Bigelow Mansion on Thanksgiving morning. In a recent late-night interview with Alice’s Restaurant founder and president, Mike “Mauler” Gilpin, Mauler delivered the bad news about this year’s event to When pressed for answers as to why the plug was pulled on this year’s extravaganza, Mauler would not elaborate on the issues concerning the cancellation. Gilpin’s only response was, for the good of the order, I’ve come to the conclusion that this auspicious event would not be feasible due to certain economic, political and regulatory pressures that come with preparing a thousand serving of turkey in the outdoors.

   Gilpin is coming off his best outing yet in 2010, where he cooked and served 59 whole turkeys and thrilled hundreds of fraternal brothers at the Eagles with an outdoor cooking spectacle that has attracted shakers and movers from all over greater Rockvegas.

Alice's Restaurant high-end spirits expert, Dan Cronin.


Gilpin is considering returning his tradition to a small pine grove behind the old Cumberland Farms where the event had its origins some 40 years ago.


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You can’t get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant this year.

The world-record setting 2010 Alice’s Restaurant attendees. The Rockland Eagles, Making Rockland A Great Place to live!