Anthony Weiner, the pariah prism of political priapism.

July 9, 2013


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Dateline: July 9, 2013

by: Tacks2deth


You could be forgiven if back a few weeks ago, when disgraced, former Congressman Anthony Weiner announced he was reinserting himself back into the political fray, if you, (like me), thought his belief that he could win the mayoral race was just a crazy pipe dream on his part.

Surely you’d have thought, by now, having seen no support for his second coming, he would have pulled out.  This is especially true after former political allies like Nancy Pelosi completely hung him out to dry, to say nothing of the political spanking he received from long time fellow New Yorker, Andrew Cuomo.

Personally, I felt if New Yorkers support for Weiner went on for much more than four hours after his announcement, they should have sought the attention of a doctor.

But we wrong….

Although initially being the butt of jokes, support for his campaign has been gradually swelling, albeit coming in spurts at a time.  “We understand that people found his behavior deplorable, but no one has been harder on Weiner than he has been on himself. And because he has a true lust for campaigning, I guess it just goes to show, you can’t keep a good Weiner down”, gushed one of his campaign managers

Indeed, as a Marist poll released on June 26 indicated, Weiner has thrust into the lead of the democrat candidates for mayor. One by one he has been locking up typical liberal voting blocks in the city, and rather than resting on his laurels after each conquest, he instead kept plunging ahead to go after the next one.

One example is apparently the gay vote in NYC.  Not surprisingly, Weiner was a big hit at the recent Gay Pride parade, where during a speech, he assured the crowd that no one would work harder than he, to assure that gay rights were rigidly enforced.  Said one spectator at the parade: “Anthony is definitely finding it helpful to have the most name recognition of any of the candidates. And for our community especially, we just love Weiner”.

But at this stage of the campaign, it is becoming harder and harder to lock down additional democrat voting blocks. As of this writing, the typically liberal Jewish vote in NYC is considered wide open.

It would be inappropriate of me, in an update like this, not to acknowledge  Weiner’s competitors. In some ways, you have to hand it them, because their job could be viewed as a no-win situation, regardless of the outcome.

Think about it: None of them want to see headlines saying that they were “whipped by Weiner”, and by the same token, having headlines that declare that they “beat Weiner”  is not really all that favorable either.

As for this political observer, I can’t wait for the whole sordid affair to be over. The campaign of this disgraced individual has, in my humble opinion, completely redefined the meaning of “junk politics”.