Aoife Kelly Rocks the Banner!

January 11, 2012


The smoke was rising from the strings tonight!!

Elmer Mudguaard

Rocking to Aoife Kelly at the Banner.  Man, what a show for downtown Rockland, Massachusetts.  Aoife, soon to be meeting with Drop Kick Murphy’s, will add a new dimension to the band with her style of violin and her beauty.  Both are qualities she has in abundance.  Like the owners of the Banner, Brenda Kelly and Eddie Reid, she fits right in with her surroundings, too. She is the girl next door “made good”.


Oh..What a lucky man he was........

You were the smart person to come out to this event! Everyone went home happy!

Red heads made up the best looking girls this night!

Check out the videos of Aoife at the Banner on Facebook Page.


Mar-e said something, then they both looked at me and laughed. Hmmmmm.