Autumn starts to sneak into town. By Elmer

September 11, 2011


Some of the prettiest colors are right next door!

I heard a sigh amongst the trees out back of my house yesterday.  The sun was shining, the sky a bright blue  and it seemed sad on such a beautiful day. As I looked in the direction of the sound, I saw some of the first leaves beginning to blush with their autumn colors, then I understood.  The calendar still says it’s summer; but suddenly, the sun is gone down sooner and the sweaters and sweatshirts make their first appearances of the season. The trees and animals know it’s time to prepare for the long cold months ahead.

New England at it's finest.

Autumn never storms in, it quietly and suddenly is just here. You begin to notice the trees are full of color and the breeze has just enough bite to it  to see the breaths of the crowds  on their way to their sons’ and daughters’ soccer and football games.

Rockland grad, Tom Ryan, directing Tewksbury High School's defense.

But autumn is nature’s way of setting us up for the winter. First it dazzles us with bright, beautiful colors and brisk fresh air; but all too soon it’s replaced by the gray of winter. So while the calendar says summer, this is really the start of our brief autumn season. Enjoy it while it’s here… for like most beautiful things in this world, it is soon gone..