Back Yard Beekeeping Made Easy

March 2, 2012


Want to cut your carbon footprint? Then become a backyard bee keeper. Honey Bees are easy to take care of and local honey is the best.  Don’t know how to take care of bees?  Then a new program by Ryan Apiary may be just what you need.  You buy a hive and bees and we will teach you how to take care of them with free lessons; or save on the cost of accessories by letting us service your hive for you.

Bee keeping is a great hobby and it does wonders for your vegetable or flower gardens. Each hive will make its own distinct flavor of honey and helps allergy sufferers build up immunities to the pollen that causes you discomfort.

What about children and pets? Will they be in danger? The short answer is no, bees just want to do their thing and be left alone.  When the hive is placed properly in the yard or behind a movable wire fence, all family members will be safe. We often open a hive without any special gear on;  and if you smoke them correctly, they do not bother you. Bee keeping can also be a great way to teach your children about nature and organic gardening.

Watching your bees work is very relaxing therapy. Their coming and going will give you hours of relaxation, fascination and enjoyment.

How do I get my honey? We will teach you; or, if we service your hive, you just pay for the “jars” and we will do all the work for you.  Honey never goes bad; unopened containers were found in the pyramids and were still edible.

Call or text us to place your order now.  Bees become difficult to purchase after May 1st.  See our Facebook page or give us a tweet @RyanApiary. See the numbers below.