Low Altitude Fly Over OK’d for Rockland Center

March 30, 2016



  Brian Duffy and his jet fighter-pilot brother, Tim, will pair up on an unofficial  flight that takes them from an undisclosed air base in New England  to their home base in Texas.  The flight will make a slight detour when it buzzes over Rockland center on the edge of the sound barrier and ignites the afterburners creating a sonic boom that should  blast down Union Street like a giant clap of thunder. This year eta is  5:06pm.  In past years, store owners have taped large plate glass windows as a precaution. The sonic thunder will rattle windows and doors and set off car alarms, but no damage has ever been reported.201126


The Flyover can be seen from anywhere along Union street but is best observed from the front porch of the Banner Irish Pub.

Please join Bill Minahan and a complete cast of characters as we raise a glass to the Duffy brothers while they zip past the Banner at 600 mph.

There will also be events at the Library, the Town Hall and the Congregational Church on Union Street.

Please arrive at the Banner early so you can raise a Red Solo cup as they pass over head.



This coming Friday  at 5:06 pm.

Aim High Rockland  our favorite sons are coming home, even if it just for 6 seconds.