Biggins Pays Tribute to John Sammon

October 7, 2013


Not many guys are more loved and respected in and around Rockland than John Minnow Sammon. If you’ve lived in this town long enough, you have been blessed in one way or another by this kindhearted, upstanding citizen.  A Lieutenant with Rockland Fire, an EMT, a 23-year employee of Bob Biggins at the Biggins Funeral Home, and a lifetime volunteer in Rockland.  Whether he is volunteering hanging Christmas lights, rushing to a fire, responding to a car wreck or greeting mourners on the steps of the Biggins Mansion, John Minnow Sammon is a class act for Rockland.


John "Minnow" Sammon Alive and Well in Rockland.

John “Minnow” Sammon – Alive and Well in Rockland.


Here is a brief excerpt from Bob Biggins, who honored Sammon today. minnow

During the month of October, as we wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer, we also want to highlight our Care Team. Today we honor John J. Sammon, who has given his service for more than 23 years.  John, or as he is affectionately called, “Minnow”, has been the manager of our facilities, performed vehicle maintenance and been part of our team for transfers and funerals.  John is a Lieutenant with the Rockland Fire Department and brings a unique perspective of care giving. —