Bilington Sea by Billington Sea Review.

February 11, 2015


10386757_638514966274655_5603284029108654463_n Sometimes new music is like a new  fine wine from a favorite vineyard. The first taste is such a shock to the palate that you are not sure if it is good or bad. By the time you’ve had half a glass there is nothing but love and admiration. The new music of Billington Sea and their new LP, “Billington Sea” is the same way. Billington Sea is a local music duo featuring the sweet, smooth and angelic sound of Hayley Sabella with the jaggard, raspy  laments of the versatile, Jake Hill. Already a huge Sabella fan and her King Solomon album, I didn’t quickly welcome this new relationship between these two rural, “deep in the dirt” farm hands.  10387680_662464663851674_1654076290595502652_nYet after a dozen plays, on three long commutes, I have fallen  hard for this great new project. Hill and Sabella are so different musically yet  blend  together like jalapenos and strawberry preserve. They create  a brilliant raw, primal and rural sound with a world class elegance and sophistication that is refreshing and highly appealing.  ”On the ladder” is the perfect appetizer to prepare the taste buds  for this bold new dish. A blue collar ballad with just enough upbeat tempo and working-mans melodies laced with wit, charm and a dash of swamp yankee magic. The contrasting styles and sounds rub together like iron sharpening iron until you find yourself engulfed on the razors edge of this epic LP. “Red Tailed Romance” is an earthy, granola crunching ballad pulled right from the land itself. It is intriguing, pleasing and highly addictive grassroots music.  Let it Pass, Good bye Old Friend and Go Away all contribute to this fine work by these two rising stars.

Billington Sea, local artists making great music in America’s home town.



Billington Sea available now everywhere.