Bill Keating “Likes” Socialism on Facebook!

August 20, 2013


keatingYou know socialism, that happy and fair little religion that says there is no real God and that the rights of the people are endowed by the state. Sort of like Obama making health insurance a right just by speaking it. You might remember this  religious system from places like the Soviet Union China Cuba and such big names as Moa Stalin Marx and Hitler.

In order to have a revival of this old world religion the people must be convinced that the money and goods of those who have more than they do will be forcibly taken by taxes and direct confiscation and given to them.  The people must be convinced that those who have been working hard will continue to work hard so that they do not have to work or can hardly work at all.

Second, people will be killed in an effort to make Socialism work.  This is a fixed result of Socialism and there have been no exceptions.  Socialists killed more than 100 million people in the 20th Century.

Socialists kill people for two reasons.  One group of people to be killed are those who oppose Socialism.  Those who oppose Socialism are disarmed, ridiculed, often tortured, and then liquidated.  Mao, Hitler, and Pol Pot killed 10s of millions and Castro succeeded in killing thousands.  Each of these dictators found a large supply of young people who could be convinced to support Socialist ideals, to vote for Socialists, and to kill and enjoy killing.  The Red Guard, SS Waffen, and Khmer Rouge all come to mind. Here in the US we have several agencies that can be easily converted to kill.

The others who are killed by the Socialists are those people the Socialists lack the money and goods to support.  The people of North Korea have had their ranks thinned by starving to death millions of defenseless people.  Stalin did this and so did Mao. We do it here too, already more than 50 million killed in the USA in the name of expense and convenience and that doesn’t even count the euthanasia of our elderly.

On a more subtle scale, Socialized medicine results in the deaths of thousands per year.  This does not seem like much, but it can add up quickly.

Now we have new leaders emerging as charismatic prophets of humanism. Names like Obama, Emanuel , Pelosi Reid and even our own esteemed representative of our ninth district  Bill Keating. Keating has always played his cards close to his chest but has recently begun to shout his faith from the rooftops on on social media.  Keating gave his cyber stamp of approval to a well known Socialist organization operating like a wolf in sheeps in clothing under the name of Bread and Roses on Facebook today.It’s official Keating  is out of the closet and aiming for the fences.

So the next time you step into the voting booth and rubber stamp this socialist loving elitist from Washington because he carries a D, remember it was you who helped hand our country over to a greedy dishonest and deadly state religion that will soon rule every aspect of your children’s and grandchildren’s lives with a cold iron fist


Bill Keating,  driving a stake in the heart of freedom every day for Rockland.