Bill Minahan Feeds thousands of Sandy Victims

November 8, 2012



Soon after  the call for help came in, Rockland favorite son and world renowned BBQ Pit Boss, Bill Minahan,  packed up the Que and Half Men BBQ Trailer and headed south to Hoboken, New Jersey.  There, Minahan and newest crew member, Brian Martin of Rockland,  set up and helped feed nearly 3000 people per day until the power was restored. The crew prepared, cooked and served over 400 lbs of meat per day often going without sleep.










Another Rockland man, Stunning Stephen Murphy of Rockland, President of Atlantic Coffee, also joined in the relief effort. Murphy offered to help keep a competitor in the New York area going by handling their shipping needs out of his Weymouth warehouse. Murphy said that even though they are competitors  and have been for years,  he is doing everything he can for them. They are using smart phones and IOU’s  to place and send orders because there is no power at the New York warehouse.

Murphy and Minahan, just two of the many Rocklandites standing up to Sandy.