Bill Minahan Grand Champion Pit Master

July 15, 2013


Bill Minahan and My Favorite Martin Brian.

What a ride! It has been 2 years working and obsessing about winning our first Grand Championship and it finally paid off in spades this weekend. Troy, NY was hot, dirty, and beautiful. We earned 2nd in Chicken, 5th in Ribs, 4th in Pork, and 1st in Brisket… and GRAND CHAMPION! and Victor the Pig… The golden 5’ X 3’ Pig that stays with us for the next 365 days. I really want to thank my teammate Brian Martin for his hard work and dedication to the team. He is a great asset and we could not have won this without him. I also want to thank Susan Stevens Martin and Maura Martin for keeping the kitchen as clean as possible, running our boxes, and making us laugh. Your work was greatly appreciated. I also want to give a shout out to our sponsors FAB and 3Eyz (Dan & Chris) who provide us with great product and my mentors… Bill Gillespie Gillespie, Joe Beland , Ryan NewstromDan HixonChris Hall, Rob Rub Bagby, and the infamous Mike Boisvert. Without you guys, I would  still be in the backyard division.


Bill Minahan