Brenda Kelley Does it Again! Goats Rock the Banner

November 19, 2012


When it comes to finding and hiring local musical talent,  no one does it better than Brenda Kelley of the Banner Irish Pub.  Brenda has been picking winners for nearly a decade now in her century old Banner Irish Pub in Center Shoe Town. Great acts with staying power  like The Road Runners, Screamin’ Mitch Leamin, DJ Mark Shom, The Second Shift Band, and the Dave Foley Band are just a few of the dozens  of musicians to play the ancient picture window venue.  This past Saturday night, Brenda hosted the Banner debut of a fantastic Sixties-tribute band, Billy and the Goats. Watching these guys’ set up equipment before taking the stage in front of their entourage of very attractive female supporters, had me thinking I was in for some type of AARP or Cialis commercial.  A couple of ear-piercing , crystal-shattering bolts of  feedback through the PA system began to cast a little bit of doubt as to the capabilities these newcomers to the Banner might possess.  That doubt did not remain long.   By the second song, they had me hook, line and sinker, as a last-minute stop for a quick one turned into an entire evening of front-row, world-class live rock and roll. The band is comprised of four seasoned musical professionals who ran through three sets of pre-1970 greats that left the dancing Banner faithful in awe. The band starts the introduction by  passing the talent torch around the stage, showcasing the incredible ability, versatility,  and know-how of this amazing  four-man band.  They present beautiful reproductions of some of the greatest early Rock and Roll songs ever recorded.  The Goats displayed magnificent melodies, masterful guitar picking, and hair-raising harmonies – all embedded with youthful enthusiasm and the confidence, charisma and charm of experience, along with some first class comedy.

The Banner Irish Pub never ceases to amaze me.  They are constantly getting better in every area of the business.  The food, the staff, the drinks and the entertainment just keep getting better and better.  Billy and the Goats are the perfect match for the Banner, bringing first-rate, high-quality entertainment to working-class stiffs at a price that they all can afford.


Billy and the Goats along with the Banner Irish Pub, Keeping the Rock in Rockvegas.