BMBC Goes Postal at Winter Classic! Anastasi named F.O.T.Y

January 2, 2013


The Bitemebaitco’s Grand Pooh bah, Peter Rock Bottom Cahill, threw the first few logs of the year upon the lingering embers in the old pot bellied stove of his island hideaway early Tuesday. A steady easterly wind blew cold across the frozen salt marsh beneath the orange glow of a spectacular sunrise on the Irish Riviera. Soon the old seaside shanty was cozy and warm as the wood and the rays worked together to usher in the first day of 2013 just in time for the Winter Classic.


One by the one the membership made their way along the old sand trail overcoming high water, rough road,rock and rut toward the secluded winter headquarters of the BMBC deep in this hidden tidal peninsula called Saquish.


There was plenty of food and plenty of spirits for this year’s Bite Me Bait Co Winter Classic. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie, the fellowship, food and fun but we all knew the real reason we were there. To Crown that certain angler among us with the most prestigious trophy in all of fisher-dom. The Bite Me Bait Co Fisherman of the Year Trophy and plague  This year that special award was given to Rockland’s own Mike “River Boat” Anastasi. Anastasi is a Ryan protege who has been rising in the ranks for several years.    Mike had a few good seasons under his belt and managed a half dozen votes last year, but 2012 was his year. Mike went independent  by buying his own vessel a few seasons back. He worked the Stripers all season with dozens of keepers and shared his good fortune with the members all year long.

The votes were all counted the Grand Poohbah announced that Mike was the winner.

After a moving speech by the new FOTY there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.  Mike thanked his good friend Fifty Two times, he thanked the Rockland Eagles, the US postal service, the Speaker of the House John Boener and the Uniteds States Army Marching Band. He than gave credit where credit was due and thanked his better half, Vivian. Vivian is the owner operator of Anita Maries in Rockland Center. She  has agreed to make a place on the wall for the coveted BMBC trophy inside the landmark eatery.









Past FOTY take a pose with the new champ.

























Congratulations to Mike Anstasi as the Bite Me Bait Co’s Fisherman of the year. Mike joins the ranks of some the greatest fisherman in our area and now has name etched in infamy upon the most coveted trophy in Striperville.

Mike Anastasi and the Bite Me Bait Co, Making Rockland a Great Place to Fish.