Boondocking at Mohegan Sun

April 8, 2013


Take the Mass Pike to rt. 395 South and with in two and a half hours you will have reached your destination at Mohegan Sun Boulevard. Follow the signs to the RV parking and pick your spot. Call the number on the sign and with in moments a fast friendly and informed member of the tribal security team is at your door. Fill out a quick form and get your permit to stay up two weeks free in this river side lot in the heart of the reservation.


We did a little leveling of the rig before enjoying an adult beverage or two then  stepped outside for the shuttle bus. The modern small shuttle buses run around the clock 24/7/365 every ten minutes of so. We boarded the shuttle and were welcomed by the friendly driver who dropped us right at the Mohegan Sun Lobby.


Mohegan Sun resort is a first rate gambling mecca for millions of New Englanders and beyond. This place operates on a grand scale that rivals most of the stuff in Vegas and stands head and shoulders above anything local. We were here for the Eric Clapton Concert and made our way to our seats. Everything was first rate from the food the drinks the seats and service as well as all the personnel. The state of the art 10,000 seat arena is the perfect music venue with not a bad seat in the house.

After the show around 11.30 pm things are just getting going in the casinos. We found it fun  enough just to walk around for an hour and a half, taking in all the grand spectacle of magnificent fountains, facades and fan fare along with some of the best people watching I’ve ever enjoyed.

Gambling is gambling and that really wasn’t why we came, but we made the best of it and had a blast at it. Taking seats at one of the video poker bars and inserting 20.00 each we were able to enjoy an hour of gaming with two free glasses of wine each before walking away with pay slips totalling 16 dollars on Friday night. We stepped out to the sidewalk to the awaiting shuttle and three minutes later we dropped off at the door of our completely self contained camper. From our couch we looked out at the dots of light along the Thames river and the brilliant glow of the Hotel and Casino from this elevated plateau above the resort.  We felt completely safe as fellow RVer’s came and went day and night in this five acre, highly secured RV parking area.

We blasted Eric Clapton live  on the camper sound system and sipped red wine to the wee hours on Saturday. The dozen of RV’s and tag along campers that arrived were spaced apart far enough that we could run music and generators without bothering anyone.

We awoke at the crack of noon and enjoyed a bagel and coffee sitting on folding chairs outside in the warm spring sun. The view from the lot is impressive as we observed many birds of prey, an assortment of fisherman and boaters as well as scanning the ruins of a famous state owned insane asylum across the river with binoculars.  I had the rig loaded with propane and water so were able to shower right on board. The generator runs the TVS so were able to watch the local news as well 21 other channels with reception so good we didn’t even have to raise the antenna.

Sometime after 2 pm we got back on the shuttle and headed for the shops. It is a woman’s dream going from shop to shop looking at merchandise that ranged from 15,000  dollar diamond rings to a 500 dollar stuffed giraffe that stood five feet tall. I was able to endure this activity for nearly an hour which is fifty minutes more than my last record.  Again we walked around the facility for nearly another hour in awe of the multitude of sensory overloading apparatus that can be found in every corner of this vast resort.  We found our way to the buffet and for twenty dollars each we were seated at a magnificent buffet. From the steamship to the sushi it was absolutely fantastic. At least a hundred items to choose from. Four beers cost us another twenty and a ten dollar tip for clearing our plates and we ended up with a world class meal, ice cold beer, in state of the art resort, for less than a hundred bucks. A Great value.

We then found two open games side by side and inserted another 20.00 each. Another hour went by we had two free beers and walked off with 60.00 bucks on a pay slip. We returned to the RV lot to regroup and before long we were back in the casino walking and people watching.  It was now Saturday Night and most all the games were occupied so we just walked around for another hour. There were go-go dancers, live bands, and an endless parade of characters that kept us entertained the entire time. We ended the night with a late night pizza and wine at Joe Pepe’s that came to 32.00 dollars. We had a great server who gave us great service so we tipped her an extra ten dollars and still had cash for tomorrow’s toll on the pike.

For campers and RVers Mohegan Sun offers an affordable world class mini vacation. Everyone there is courteous knowledgeable and helpful. With just a little discipline you can keep your paycheck in your pocket and still enjoy everything the resort has to offer. One feature we didn’t get to use was the vast pool and spa at the Mohegan Sun Hotel. For twenty five dollars they will give you a day pass to use all the hotels facilities. We just ran out of time.

Boon Docking at Mohegan Sun! Get out there!