Buddy and George are “Thoroughly Good” @MGM Grand

August 12, 2013


g10August 10th was a great night of blues and blues-rock.  A guitar double header featured a preforming treat of Buddy Guy and George Thorogood to a sold out crew of blues rockers.
The 77 year old Guy opened the show and preformed a mix of blues from his over 50 varied albums [cd's].  The Louisiana bred and Chicago native pleased all with “Meet Me In Chicago” to “Strange Brew” and an extreme inter-action walking through the crowd singing a lengthy tune and folks “clicking away” with the phones.
The mentor and educator of Clapton, Mayer, Hendrix and so many others had 14 year old Quinn Sullivan with him that was out-standing.  The young lad [already 2 cd's] brought the crowd to its feet and ended Guy’s show.g3
Buddy often mentioned that “AM” radio kept “the blues alive” during the 50′s-60′s g8which I found odd because MOST stations in the 50′s banned “black” music [blues-gospel] which was borrowed by the caucasian entertainer’s.  In the 60′s it was all Beatles, Beach Boys, Dave Clark 5, and Motown.  In the late 60′s [under ground radio-FM] started playing Mayall, Butterfield, Cotton, Guy, Water’s, and Hooker to name a few.  One had to search the dial for “the blues”, except for maybe Ray Charles and Otis Reading [both AM]
All and all he was great, but this writer wishes he played more and talked a tad less. [IMO].
Now the second half was ENERGY from note #one.  GT sang nine songs in an hour with NO chatter, you do the math.  That equals all hits, from Hank William’s [country], “Movin’ On Over” to Diddley’s, “Who Do You Love”.  The Delaware native never let up, along with The Destroyer’s original drummer Jeff Simon and bassist Billy Blough along with great guitar player Jim Suhler [99'] and sax man Buddy Leach [03'].
GT is the only artist that covered MANY tunes and made most better.  I know it’s hard to believe, but even “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” is a John Lee Hooker Tune….gotcha.  What this writer liked was 5,000 bobble head people having a blast with good ole blues rock and showmanship.  GT and family worked the stage and pleased all–mission achieved.
Special holler to Dana and her staff for accommodating all the folks—nice job guys and gals.
BTW-Thorogood is George’s birth name.
Dan: From the front row
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