Can’t Beat a Cruise, Dan Heary on Assignment

March 3, 2016


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       Yours truly has ventured to many a place via a cruise line and NOTHING can top them.  They present many great deals and places to travel that are flat-out “awesome”.  I personally find Norwegian to be at the top followed by Carnival.
        If one possesses “ankle biters, toothpaste squeezers, or cookie snatchers, please stay with Disney cruises.  The adults prefer the ones I mentioned for great food and entertainment along with fine hospitality.  The companies literally go “all out” to pamper their occupants.
 On my recent trip to Belize, Caymans, and so forth it was less than $2,000 for seven days and nights [ two folks ] all inclusive, except for umbrella drinks and other forms of alcohol.  The boat was 11 decks, 3,000 guests and 800 help [the best].  The boat had many amenities, too many to mention-but all would be happy.
       On shore there is snorkeling [sister], diving [me] shopping [all other women] and great “white beaches’ with expensive “umbrella” toddies with goose necking all over [lol]…The isles were good except for Georgetown, [Cayman] we got off the huge liner to Wendy’s, Micky D’s, Burger King, Starbucks and stated to sis, “we are in Miami …..
        Beware of Nassau, especially out of Baltimore and NYC.  Lots of days at sea and a “dump” [IMHO]…The best is the Western IMG_0549Carib or Southern.  Sis and I are headed to San Juan, St. Mart, St. Tom, and Grand Turks – eight days and nights, five ports and $2,000 [ for both] for an outer spacious cabin on the main deck.
      12694508_1075606099126571_1380582349980767088_o copy Once again, spend less time at sea and leave from Port Canaveral, Lauderdale or Tampa – check cruise lines.  Inner cabins can run as little as $600 pp for five days and nights.  Try it….one can also bring two bottles of wine on board :)
Dan: from the pool deck
Check out pic of sis
and me in the dining room
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