Chiocca and the Gang Create Huge Mood Swing for Rocklandites.

September 14, 2012


Minihan, Ellard, Simpson, O’Brien, Chaffee, Kimball, Johnson, Eric Bless your Hart, and everyone else under the leadership of Allan OOKa Chiocca have secured the town with the best possible Moody bond rating ever!  Rockland is in better financial shape than it has ever been.  “The town recently went under a review from Moody’s rating service that assigned a MIG 1 rating to the Town of Rockland’s 2012 General Obligation Bond Anticipations Notes. MIG 1 represents Moody’s highest rating for this type of debt.  “Moody’s also reaffirmed the Town’s A1 rating and upgraded our outlook from negative to stable.  The removal of the negative outlook was associated with the town’s improved liquidity and financial operations, including stabilizing our reserves and maintaining a manageable debt burden.


Well done to those good and faithful public servants. What do you  say you all put on  brand new Hazmat suits and second line it Fat Tuesday-style down  to the Banner for a night on the town, and I mean a night on the town. Charge it to parks department, they’ve got it!

On behalf of the Rocklandites all over the globe, we thank you all for your excellent work. The report card has been issued and you guys and gals are all A1.