Chiocca Banks Another Pile of Green for Rockland.

December 17, 2012


The Town of Rockland has been designated as a Green Community by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Several steps taken over the past few years in the way of energy conservation, renewable energy, open space, and single-stream curbside recycling were major factors in the decision to designate Rockland as a green community. The designation has been a long-term goal of Town Administrator, Allan Chiocca.  Chiocca cited the great work of Carol Perilli, and the Rockland Energy Committee for getting the ball rolling with the solar arrays at the Esten and Rockland High Schools.  Along with the designation comes a grant in the amount of over $180,000 to continue the efforts to reduce energy costs in Rockland.   News of the designation spread through town like wildfire, sparking jubilant celebrations from local N.O.R.M.L activists and resident potheads  who mistakenly  thought the ruling had to do with a medical marijuana dispensary coming to town.  Several residents flocked to the town hall to get their special prescription card and their fair share of the $180k in free high-grade medical marijuana.  Randilan Randy Rolston was inundated with Dorito-breathed, pie-eyed revelers who flocked  the town clerk’s office upon hearing the town was designated a green community. After a lengthy explanation, the crowds headed to the corner of Martha Drive.

The designation as a green community was one of the many long-term goals spelled out by Chiocca when he was first hired in Rockland.  The uptown revitalization,  the rail trail, the new middle/high school, the senior center, the Beech Hill Solar Array, bus service, along with open and honest government that works together have all come to fruition under  Chiocca. Construction is already underway to expand the doorways at town hall and Chiocca’s office so he can now fit his head through the door.  Upon hearing of the news,  Rockland Favorite Son, Mike Zupkofska, expressed his disappointment in the grant.  Zup said he would have held off for double that amount and once again the town got screwed!


Here is a copy of the letter from the state to BOS Chair Ed Kimball.


Dear Mr. Edward F. Kimball:
Congratulations on the Town of Rockland’s designation as a Green Community! This designation is quite an achievement and reflects the hard work and tireless efforts your community has exhibited in meeting the Green Communities Designation and Grant Program’s five criteria. Meeting these criteria is proof of Rockland’s position as an energy leader in Massachusetts, poised to reduce its energy costs, improve the local environment and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with funding through the Green
Communities Designation and Grant Program.

The purpose of this letter is to confirm your Green Community designation in writing and provide you with program information and activities relevant to you as a newly-designated Green Community.  Please note there is an
annual reporting requirement, detailing progress and continued compliance with the designation’s five criteria, to be submitted to DOER by November 30th
each calendar year.

Along with this designation, the Town of Rockland has been awarded a grant of $185,425.  A formulaic allocation has been established that consists of a base grant per community of $125,000, plus an amount adjusted for population/income, with an additional $10,000 for designated communities


Green Community Updates                                                                                          December 21, 2012                                                                                                                     Page 2


that met Criterion 1 through adoption of as-of-right siting for renewable energy generation. To receive this grant award, the Town of Rockland will be required to submit a project application proposing how these funds will be spent. The Green Communities Division (“Division”) will begin accepting grant applications one week from the date of this letter and all grant applications must be received by 5pm on January 25, 2013. The Green Communities Grant application with submission instructions is provided as a separate attached document. No hard copies of applications will be accepted, only electronic submissions.
PLEASE NOTE: Municipalities applying for Green Communities grant funding for energy efficiency measures must meet, teleconference, or have an email exchange with their public utility regarding the availability of utility incentives for these measures.  The Division will require municipalities to provide evidence of this contact as a condition of execution of your grant contract. For your convenience, we are providing here the name and contact information for
your utility representative: (Chuck Norden, NGRID Gas & Electric,, 508-860-6290), who is also copied on this letter.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: if the person submitting the grant application is not the same person who submitted the designation application, the grant applicant must contact Jane Pfister at (617)626-1194 or to register for the online grant submission process.

Each designated Green Community will be receiving four (4) 12” x 18” aluminum signs to be displayed in your community. While you are free to place these signs wherever you choose within your community, the Division recommends installing them in highly-visible, high pedestrian traffic areas (such as near town offices, schools, and/or downtown business districts); if installed on roadways leading into your municipality, the Division recommends hanging them at approximately eye-level for motorists, to maximize readability. These signs will
be distributed at a future event celebrating Rockland’s designation.

Green Community Updates
December 21, 2011
Page 3

Each Green Community will also receive an official certificate for display pronouncing the city or town’s designation as a Green Community and including the designation date and signatures of the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs and Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources. The certificates are in the process of being printed and
will be distributed at a future event celebrating Rockland’s designation.

The Division is in the process of scheduling events for newly-designated Green Communities.  For this reason, we ask that you contact the Division regarding any public events you may be considering. The Division’s preference is to work with you on a joint event involving state and local officials. Regarding events and related questions, you may contact Lisa Capone, Deputy Director, Green Communities Division, at (617) 626-7358 or by email at .

Again, congratulations on becoming a Green Community. The Division looks forward to working with the Town of Rockland to meet the objectives of the Green Communities Grant Program and to support you in meeting your local energy goals. Thank you for your commitment to a greener energy future for Massachusetts.
Meg Lusardi
Director Green Communities Division
Cc: Allan R Chiocca , Town Administrator
Chuck Norden, NGRID Electric & Gas
Seth Pickering, , Green Communities Southeast Regional Coordinato