Chiocca Reports From Beech Hill, “Here Comes the Sun”

September 27, 2013


chioccaWith the number of feathers that Chief “Oogga” Chiocca already has in his cap during his long and  illustrious career as TA  here in Rockland, none will stand out more than this one.   Chiocca has delivered on a promise to bring a full-scale solar power plant to Rockland on land once considered hazardous and unbuildable.  Construction has begun in Rockland Hills; and it will only be a matter of months before Rockland is uploading power to the “big grid” in exchange for energy credits. Chiocca estimates the plant will generate enough free juice to power half of all Rockland’s municipal electricity needs all year long.  Chiocca credits long-time Rockland energy Czar, Jim Paul, with making it a reality. “Jim Paul and his people have been bringing solar power to Rockland for years in our schools and this solar array is the culmination of those efforts.” will chronicle the construction of the solar array, which should take 3 to 5 months to complete.










Stay tuned as we watch this old forgotten trash heap turn to solar gold for Rockland residents.

Allan Chiocca, Providing world class leadership at a small town price!