Countryside Collision, The Best in the Business

September 13, 2013


cside3Recently, we got some unexpected venison on the grill of the Blazer. The only problem was it was still on the bone, hide and hoo;f and it wasn’t the Weber grill. It was a Chevy Trail Blazer and the smoke and steam was from broken parts and not the hot coals.  A 100-pound buck bounded from the wood onto the roadway, smashing the front of the suv like a firecracker in a frog’s mouth. As you might imagine, this caused quite a bit of uncertainty, stress and a little anxiety. The phone call to the insurance company was a typical exercise in futility with them trying to tell me what they would not do for me rather than what they could.  I recalled a conversation I had with Rockland favorite son , Gerry “I love you Pizza” Shanahan; and I put a call into Countryside Collision.

Kathy, the office manage,r answered the phone and right away put us at ease. She was friendly, knowledgeable and super helpful. She assured us that everything would be taken care of and she arranged to have the car towed in. Within an hour, Gerry called on the phone and arranged a rent-a-car to be delivered to the house. He also assured us he would handle everything.  Right awa,y the insurance company called demanding we move the car to their lot or face penalty and delays. Gerry told us not to worry about a thing, that he would handle it; and handle it he did.  Countryside boasts the top auto-body man in New England, Eric Gillis.  Eric is a 30-year veteran who handled my car from start to finish and delivered it in mint condition. He made the vehicle look better than before the crash, even cleaning and buffing the entire vehicle and not just the damaged parts. Kathy called us and kept us in the loop at every step of the process. She really did a fantastic job explaining all the ins and outs and assured me that Gerry was muscling the appraisers for every penny to do the job right.  The result was a perfectly-repaired vehicle in a very short time using all brand new parts and cutting no corners. I can’t say enough about Countryside Collision Center in Pembroke.cside1

Countryside does all kinds of auto-body work. Whether you need  some dents and dings patched up, or if your front end gets smashed by some no-eye dee,r or just want to add a custom paint job to that vintage Corvette, call Gerry at Countryside in Pembroke.


You’ve got a friend in the business that knows how to deal with the insurance companies  and get you the most bang for your buck if you bang a buck.


798 Washington Street
Pembroke, MA  02359