Cross Roads Athletic Club 38th Annual Trip Report

June 21, 2011


As they have for nearly half a century, close to one hundred men  gathered upon the shores of Golden Pond for almost a week of fun, fishing and fellowship this past Father’s Day Week End. This year’s trip was well attended by eight dozen of the finest fathers, sons and brother Cross Roads Club members to ever cast a line. All 93 of us were thrilled to be present at picturesque Camp Hale on one of the most exclusive and beautiful lakes in New England for our long -awaited fishing trip..

The thirty-eight-year- old club runs the best fishing trip anywhere! For two hundred dollars per person, anglers get a lot for their money. Eight full meals – including custom breakfasts, prime rib and 1Lb. steak dinners – along with  lavish lunches. The late night snacks of frozen pizza, hot dogs and gourmet-roasted cold cuts,  along with bagged snacks, oven fresh cookies and quarts of premium ice cream are the icing on the cake.  Did I mention the double dark forest cake?

All this food, served up by a semi-professional chef and his three-man  crew would be a bargain at two hundred dollars in and of itself. Now add in all the beer you want for three days – and…

Woodchucks Forever

All the neighbors love to fish too.

mixed drinks made from top-shelf spirits at the self-serve bar,  and you have a fantastic value.  Not to  mention a real mattress in a 12 bunk cabin with your best friends. The cabins come complete with covered porches, hot showers and gorgeous views of the lake and wildlife. Now add in a free boat dock steps from the front door,  on one of the best fishing lakes on the globe,  and you can start to get an idea of what a great value this trip is.

The Dominator Sweeps Up!

Three Generations of Team Banks

Dom and Dommer, The Kings of CRAC

For two and a half  decades, the Banks family has claimed the Cross Roads Cup an unprecedented 10 times. There has been a Banks on the Cross Roads Cup for 8 of the past ten years.  It was always thought that if the Banks were fishing for the cup, then everyone else was fishing for second place.

That was before Dominic joined Cross Roads Athletic Club. For four years now, Dominic has worked the lake like no other member.  4:45  AM  on Friday and Saturday brought the bellowing rumble of Dominic’s bass boat over the sleeping camp,  putting the fear of loss in the awakening Banks boys. Dominic fished every inch of the lake -  from Rattle Snake Cove to Walter’s Basin – logging in 38 hours of “fishing it hard” during the four-day stay. Dominic ended up landing  and recording the most fish in pounds and ounces  in the history of Cross Roads Athletic Club!  A 5.8 lb Larry followed by 4.6 lb Larry followed by ten more trophy Sallies all caught, recorded and released back into the big lake to be caught again.

Big Bass Winners, Dom and Dommer

When the dust settled and the bass splash cleared, Dominic had taken the Cross Roads triple crown. Biggest Fish, Biggest Bass and Most Catches made him the 2011 Cross Roads Athletic Club Fisherman of the Year!  Not to mention his son,  Dommer, who took the second biggest fish and left “Team Banks-The Next Generation” clinging by the skin of their teeth for third place!    This father-son combo could be the next dynasty at CRAC!

Cross Roads Athletic Club President,  Mark Bennetti with Bass Tournament organizer, Jeff Hanson,  presented the awards to Dom and Dommer.


The Minks Out On The Water.
RPD Legend and Club Treasurer, Kevin Gallager, is instrumental in pulling off successful trip after successful trip. Kevin manages the nearly 20,000 dollar junket without compensation,  year in and year out. Kevin’s father is also one of the founding members of the club and Kevin attended Camp Hale as a kid at summer camp. Here, Captain Kevin transports the Minks Cabin members to fertile fishing grounds.
One can’t mention the success of this year’s trip without looking at Rockland resident, Brooke Smith.  As the club’s secretary, Brooke goes above and beyond for the club every year. From the top-shelf liquor,  the movie selections,  to running out for supplies and organizing the sign-in process, Brooke steps up. Brooke Smith Secretary Brooke was able to parlay this one-of-a-kind autographed Bruins artwork, donated by the Vechioni brothers at the Venus 3 in Hanson,  into six hundred and fifty dollars for the club. This, after one member who appeared to be under the influence, insisted that more money would be raised by the highest bidder. Boy, does he feel dumb now…a real horse’s ass.  Great trip, Brooke!  The annual auction with Chris Burke is the highlight of the trip. Burke incorporates an off-the-cuff,  stand-up comedy routine that has them rolling in the aisles.  Not to mention raising a boat load of money for the club.

Here use this… I’ll take the one in the middle, please.    

Where’s the cookies?

RocklandNews’  Favorite Son tries his skill in the casting contest.  This was his last Saturday night as a single man.

Now we know why they call it Golden Pond

Old Guys Rule at Cross Roads Athletic Club.

Rockland High School legend Jimmy “Airplane” Casey and crew

It’s alright if the boat sinks, they are all Ducks!

Truly one of the most beautiful spots on Earth.

The 2011 Cross Roads Fishing Trip was a smashing success! Long Live Camp Hale!