Cross Roads Athletic Club Fishing Trip Report

June 19, 2013



Members of the Bugs Cabin repair an ancient Indian burial site.

While Richard Nixon was busy gathering the resignations of his top henchmen in the late spring of 1973, the founders of the Cross Roads Athletic Club were on their way to Central Sandwich, New Hampshire, for a weekend of fishing.  Little did Frank Walsh, Ralph Gallagher, David Moran, John Costa, Bob Benedetti, John Kendall, Richard Mays,  Jimmy Burke, nor Allen J. Norgaard know that they were laying the groundwork for the longest-running annual fishing trip in the region that would be carried on by their sons and grandsons.



Captain Tom of the Ducks Cabin alongside King Kevin Clark

Fast forward some four decades later to this past weekend to see how this trip and the Cross Roads Athletic Club has evolved.  It is now a ninety-five member, $20,000 extravaganza in its fortieth year running.  Prime rib, steaks, lavish lunches, big breakfasts, endless snacks and beverages. The camp’s old wooden canoes now stay ashore, as they have been replaced with magnificent bass boats, cruisers and motor-powered fishing boats that can all be safely tethered to the modern aluminum H-shaped docks at the camp.

Copy of DSC08173The event takes place on a one-hundred acre kids camp built around 1900.  The camp boasts a dozen rustic cabins, a complete mess hall with a semi-commercial kitchen, and a thousand feet of lakefront on gorgeous Golden Pond. Some of the ninety members begin rolling into camp on Wednesday afternoon to stretch the annual long weekend even further. Fantastic mountain vistas, towering pines and crystal-clean lake water are the hallmarks of this northern paradise that keeps these men coming back year after year.


Dom, Dommer and club secretary Brook Smith

Although many members come for the comraderie,  the great outdoors, and the rest and relaxation, others come for one thing and one thing only -  the coveted Cross Roads Cup.  Dominic Lentini is just such an individual.  Dominic and his first mate, Dominic Jr., have a storied past at Cross Roads Athletic Club. Once an unknown rookie chuck, Dom has climbed the ladder to club stardom by taking the CRAC triple crown ( biggest fish, biggest bass and most catches) for an unprecedented three years in a row.  The team of Dom and Dommer have created a family dynasty at CRAC, leaving the old refrigerator boys in their wake as the most highly-decorated anglers in all of CRACdom history. Dominic was on his way to a fourth triple crown win when he came upon his fellow chucks -  out of gas and adrift on a remote part of the lake.  Dom chose to forgo his chance at infamy and tow the stranded chucks safely to the marina to refuel, thus missing the final deadline for weigh-in.



Club President Mark Bennetti holds up a rare neon Patriots light donated by John Bodie.

The Saturday Night Auction is one of the highlights of the trip. Members bring items ranging from bearskin rugs to spider rings.  The event can fetch as much as $3,000 for the club. The last item being auctioned is the Cross Roads Flag. The cabin members who bid the most for the flag are given a gourmet meal of their choice on Thursday night the following year. They also get a private, reserved boat slip and a year’s worth of bragging rights. This year’s winners were the Bugs Cabin lead by Aviation mogul, Jimmy (for the kids) Casey, bidding $1,050.00


Kevin gets a minute to enjoy a slice

One can not talk about “The Fishing Trip” without mentioning Rockland’s own Kevin Gallagher, the Club’s Treasurer.  Kevin coordinates this $20,000 function flawlessly, from gathering applications, dealing with bad checks, and haggling with the camps directors, to fielding every question, concern and complaint for months prior to the event. During the trip, he manages the food and beverages, deals with any pirates (non-members sneaking into camp), food lists, beer lists, booze lists, ice lists; in fact,  everything from toilet paper to antacid is provided under Kevin’s direction year in and year out.


The fortieth running of the Cross Roads Athletic Club was a fantastic success. Men from all over the country enjoyed warm weather, great food, family, friends, fishing and fun.

The Cross Roads Athletic Club, One of the really nice things about being a man!



Your 2013 Horse’s Ass Award Recipients


The peaceful transfer of power. Dominic hands over the Cross Roads Cup to its newest occupant.


It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Copy of DSC08258

The early birds arrive for Saturday night dinner


Ducks gather at the landing.

Copy of DSC08234

Wood Chucks on the prowl

Copy of DSC08236

Tim shows his wad.

Copy of DSC08269

Loon goes looney tunes in the sunshine.

Copy of DSC08233

Ten ducks and one cook. Sounds like banquet!


Those silver foxes and their sirloin surgery.


The kitchen help get to see how the other half lives.


Turtles poke their heads from their shell


John Bodie on his daily run around the camp


When Phil is away, the kids will play.

Copy of DSC08270