Cumberland Farms Gang to Re-Open Alice’s Restaurant

November 13, 2012



The year was 1975 and the first snow of the season fell slow and soft in the pines off North Avenue in Rockland.   A handful of neighborhood hooligans had gathered in the woods behind the Cumberland Farms store on a November Thursday morning. The motley crew of teens burned  firewood and Winchester cigarettes while listening to the classic folk song Alice’s Restaurant before returning to their homes to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Rockland’s own Mike “Mauler” Gilpin had such a great time that Thanksgiving morning that he began a new tradition.  Year after year, the event grew by leaps and  bounds, culminating in a great Rockland tradition attracting hundreds of Rocklandites and thousands of pounds of turkey. Year after year, Mauler broke record after record culminating in the cooking and serving of a record high 79 turkeys last year at the Eagles. The event draws in dignitaries and blue-collar townies alike. From the late, great Bob Nyman and Steve O’Brien to Senator Morrisey, Rep. Rhonda Nyman, countless selectmen and public officials gathered together wherever Alice’s Restaurant opened its doors.


This year year , Rockin’ Rudy Childs has offered his handsome estate on North Ave. for the event. This year’s Alice’s Restaurant will take place steps away from the original location in the woods behind the old store. The Cumberland Farms Gang will be out in full force to witness Mr. November perform his incredible feat of culinary marvels.  Rudy has asked me to give an open invitation to all freedom-loving Rocklandites to attend the grand opening in his driveway this Thanksgiving.  The fire will roar, the turkey will soar and the eggnog will flow.  As it has been for the past thirty 37 years,  Mauler and his myriad fans will celebrate until the last chord of the Arlo Guthrie classic is struck; and then they’ll return to their homes happier, healthier and wealthier for the 2012 Thanksgiving Dinner.