Dan: From The Front Row @ Foxwoods, Aerosmith “Keeps On A Rollin”

July 11, 2013


  Where to start, how about WOW ?.  America’s answer to the Rolling Stones for 40 non stop years 3 (3)displayed a performance like a good wine.  Boston based Aerosmith keeps getting better and better.  Yours truly being a Beantown Disc Jockey for years [including the 70's] and seeing Tyler and company numerous times, this was simply the best show from Aerosmith I have witnessed.
     Tyler sang [instead of screaming] and the two hour, 21 song Soirée.. ”swaray” climbed the energy1 (2) ladder to the encore of “Dream On” and “Sweet Emotion”.  Great lead guitarist Joe Perry [Hopedale, Ma.] played a jammin’ version of “Stop Messin” along with underrated six stringer Brad Whitford [Reading, Ma.].  Tyler’s singing, the bands timing, 20+ top 40 hits [5 or 6 #1's], ladies and gentlemen it was a showtime.
     Yes they have had a few snags, 81′-84′ and 2009–but band aids [no pun intended] mended these wounds and the music played on.  Concerts, Albums, and even Tyler crashing an unknown wedding last week in D.C., these fine gents just keep rockin’.  Everybody stood, everybody sang, and everybody left with smiles galore and no voices left in their pipes.
    7 A new adage to the MGM is a catwalk for they removed the orchestra seating and created a “PIT” [GA=general admission] to allow an up close feeling and MORE folks in their “house”.  This new formula was a huge success and will be a constant at the “Grand” for rock shows [Avenged Sevenfold].
     A special thanks to Foxwoods Media, Zimmerman Agency [Lauren Harrison] for credentialing this 180 pound frame to click away for your viewing pleasure of these fine venues.  Comix and other Tix-800-200-2882

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Dan: From The Front Row
Title:  Aerosmith “Keeps On A Rollin”