Dan Heary and Sweet Caroline,From the front row.

April 7, 2015


Neil Diamond-So Good, So Good
   2 (7)  “New York City born and raised”…Neil Diamond at 74 preformed like he did when I saw him in 1984.  This pure entertainer, without the assistance of computers and acu-beat sang 29 songs in each of two shows, in the month of March, for over 20,000 fans [total].
I was not a Beatle fan for I could not figure out-”I am the Walrus….goo goooooo joba…goo goooooo joba” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”..  I was a Motown junkie, along with Johnny River’s, and Neil Diamond kind of  guy.  A little dancing and some “balladeering”, rhythm and meaning.
      The show was great for me [ and the rest ] because ND did his early writings, Solitary Man, Cherry Cherry, Kentucky Woman, and even I’m A Believer which he penned for the Monkee’s [along with "A Little Bit Me , A Little Bit You"].  Sweet Caroline was in his encore of six songs, and was written not for Caroline Kennedy, but for his second wife, Marcia Murphey [ "nothing would rhyme with Marcia" ].
      ND’s stage presence [big with me] was awesome with a thirteen piece band with brass and vocals.  He even did a “rap” version of Red Red Wine [UB40 covered in 84'] that brought the house down.  One names the song, he sang it.  Let’s see, “Holly Holy, A Little Bit Me, Thank The Lord For The Night Time, I Am- I Said, Girl You’ll Be A woman Soon”….you get the picture.
       Diamond stood and moved about the 120 foot stage at the Mohegan Sun as he “crooned” tunage from a half century ago without missing a note or a beat.  His encore besides Sweet Caroline [twice] was Cracklin’ Rosie, America, Brother Loves A Travelin’ Salvation Army Show and Cherry Cherry.
      Sweet Caroline has been sung by twelve different artists,  Hanky Panky he wrote and sang as did Tommy James and The Shondelles.  Red Red Wine was written for and sung by Dean Martin.  And to think Neil Diamond didn’t start until he was 16.
      Diamond attended NYU [ medica l field ] on a fencing scholarship, specializing in the “saber” as NYU won the NCAA’s in 1960 with the future star singer on that squad.  He still practices fencing, even before concerts.
      ND is in his third marriage [  third was 2011 ] and has 21 children….just kidding, seeing if your are paying attention…he has two children each from his first two marriages.
Dan: From The Front Row
FYI–Neil Diamond is Jewish
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