Dan Heary, Back in the Saddle

June 18, 2014


1 (3) The longest drought [35 years] continues for the TRIPLE CROWN as California Crome tied for 4th at The Belmont Stakes.  After 5 weeks of tremendous “hype” [talk shows, tossing out first pitches, out spoken owner, and more BS], Chrome ran against 10 other horses of which Peter Pan winner Tonalist won in the second fastest time in 10 years-2:28.2 for the mile and half $1.5 million dollar race.
      Over a 17 year period there have been an amazing 9 tries for the “TC” and it appears Belmont is what I consider a “graveyard” for the 12th “TC”.
97′-Silver Charm- lost to Touch Gold [who stumbled at the Preakness]
98′-Victory Gallop beat Real Quiet by a short nose—[only valid race]
99′-Charismatic- broke down at 1/16 pole
02′-War Emblem- stumbled at the gate
03′-Funny Cide-could not run in the rain
04′-Smarty Jones- horrible ride by Elliot
08′-Big Brown-nail through the shoe on hoof
12′-I’ll Have Another-didn’t, injured
14′-Chrome-Clipped heel at the gate
Disappointment continues for Triple Crown.

Disappointment continues for Triple Crown.

     As far as the owner [Coburn] with his statements “that you have to run the first two races [Derby and Preakness] to run in the Belmont”, he is highly ignorant of “STRATEGY” that is used in EVERY sport.  It is rather obvious he is an owner and NOT a horseman.
    Coburn and Chrome lucked out with a crappy year of “three year olds” and met his match in the Belmont Stakes where “Tonalist” ran true to form for the 103,000 fans that bought $1 souvenir tix on Chrome which are used for kindling now as the 4-5 favorite ran like an $8,000 purchase
[IMHO--wait...it is a fact]. DSC_0119
Off topic I would like to thank Brian White, the staff, and people for having me as their “Man of The Year”…I have been absent for a huge personal reason but these two fingers will be action forever now.   I also returned the $25 check for my prestigious honor to Mr. White so he could put a down payment on a used 74′ “Winnebago” that can tour New England and stay in rest areas along the ways.
Dan: from the finish line
FYI-in horse racing the clock starts about 40 yards down the track AFTER the gate opens [surprise].