PITBULL Talented and Energizing

May 28, 2015


 10454065_942721489081700_126935536583487595_o Armando Christian Perez, better known to you and I as Pitbull, simply brought “it” to Foxwoods Saturday, Memorial Day weekend.  In a performance, one would like “stage presence, energy”, and of course “precision” [tightness].
    This is difficult to find in the concert world, for many have one or possibly two of these needed quality elements.  Well, fine readers of the South Shore and Cape Cod, Mr. Perez ignited the crowd for 92 minutes with 22 songs, also make note that NO seats were needed for the “SRO” crowd.
     The Miami born “Mr. 305″ [area code] started by stating, “Latino, Black, White, We are the United States of America” bringing the house to a roar as he went into “Don’t Stop The Party”.  Besides double drums, bass, and keyboards, the Latino phenomenon utilized the talents of six extremely highly gifted female dancers that added to the uniqueness of the upbeat party.
11288986_942721459081703_3358944444222620807_o      After either viewing, and shooting 1200 plus shows this ranks up there as one of the best ever.  Pitbull sang with the previous mentioned attributes one needs to excel, but also NO profanity or ballads.  It was solid ENERGY and all his hits.  From “Hotel Room Service” to “Feel This Moment” to “Get It Started” this 34 year old Southern Floridian donned his trademark sunglasses with his white sport coat and rocked.
     Mr. 305 is not rap, house, or pop.  He is his own style that took 10 years to develop and is graced at his side at times by Shakira, J-LO, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and other stellar veterans.  An honor he is proud of is being selected to write and perform with J-Lo the “theme” for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil–”We Are One” [Ole Ola].
    The show ended on a great analogy from his tune of “Give Me Everything”.  The former Little Havana resident speaks of life being like “photography”.   His life went “from a negative to a positive”.  
Next: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sheryl Crow @ The Woods
Dan: From The Front Row
FYI:  Pitbull is highly active in charitable 
         activities in Little Havana